So you think you can dance?

If you do, then Justin Bieber has a proposition for you.

The ‘As Long as You Love Me’ singer has launched campaign where Beliebers (and aspiring dancers, since this would be the gig of a lifetime) can upload videos of themselves busting moves and shaking what the good lord gave ‘em. One of the dancers will score an audition with Bieber in order to land a role as a dancer on the ‘Believe’ tour. So it’s not like you win a spot. You win a chance to audition for a spot.

According to MTV, The Biebs has enlisted Jon M. Chu, the director of his ‘Never Say Never’ film who also lensed one of the ‘Step Up’ dance movies, to assist with the contest. Chu acknowledged that The Biebs’ staggering online presence made this contest a no brainer. The Biebs is plugged in, as are his fans, so that’s why they went that route.

Submissions are due by Aug. 17, as the tour kicks off on Sept. 29.

In other Biebs’ news, his manager Scooter Braun commented on how his client has been channeling the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson as he promotes ‘Believe.’ Braun said, “He has been watching a tremendous amount of Michael Jackson concerts from the ’80s and ’90s. And he has been talking to me about how Michael incorporated magic and pyro and reveals and he wants to bring in that. [But] still do that acoustic thing, but he wants to take it to a whole new level.”

The Biebs knows no limits.

Braun also confirmed that Biebs is happiest when onstage so Beliebers can expect nothing but 110 percent from him on the tour. “Nothing makes him happier than being onstage,” Braun said. “So it’s gonna be fun to get back onto the road. I think he was an amazing performer before, but his level of dance and musicianship and his range [has grown]. He’s a veteran now. I think he wants to take it to a completely new level.”

A vet at 18-years-old? Only in JB’s swag, swag, swag world.

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