If you thought American politics were nasty, you've haven't seen anything yet.

Mohammed Shawabka, a member of Jordan's Parliament was debating with political activist, Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad on live television last Friday and clearly wasn't happy with the direction of the conversation. While the audio is in Arabic, according to Yahoo! News, the two men were discussing Jordan's policies toward the country of Syria when they began to hurl insults at each other. As the show's host was making a futile attempt at calming both men down, Shawabka removed his shoe and hurled it at his critic (a major insult in Arab culture). But that was just the beginning, take a look (FYI: the audio cuts out about half-way through).

You won't see that on Meet the Press.

While I don't want to see anyone get hurt, maybe in order to get something accomplished in this country, we should have politicians duke it out UFC-style. Whoever wins gets their policy passed. Put it on Pay-Per-View and generate some revenue to put toward Medicare, Social Security, or education. I'd pay good money to watch Barack Obama and Jon Boehner go toe-to-toe.

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