Before Jon Hamm played Don Draper on 'Mad Men' -- and before he had an entire Tumblr account dedicated to his, um, package -- he was just another dude with a floppy haircut trying to find love on a dating show. Yes, that's right: Don Draper himself was a contestant on a dating show in 1996 -- and he got passed up by not one, but two women. Ouch!

When the host asks Hamm, who was a 25-year-old waiter at the time, how he would impress a woman on a first date, you won't even believe his answer. Get ready to die/laugh/cringe from secondhand embarrassment.

"Well, we'd start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity," Hamm says to Mary, the first female contestant who ultimately chooses a different man over the now-famous actor. Not that we blame her, really -- "an evening of total fabulosity" doesn't really tickle our fancy, either.

Later on in the game, Hamm once again gets the shaft -- this time by contestant Shonia, who also picks a different guy over Don Draper. Yikes!

Ladies, ladies. If only they knew what the future had in store for 25-year-old Jon Hamm...

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