Actor Johnny Depp is slated to star in a Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur thriller called Labyrinth. According to Hollywood Reporter, the 53-year-old big-screen star will take on the role of the late Russell Poole, the detective who investigated the murders of both Big and Pac.

In case you forget, Poole was the detective who wrote the book Labyrinth: A Detective Investigates the Murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., the Implication of Death Row Records' Suge Knight, and the Origins of the Los Angeles Police Scandal. Poole worked on Biggie’s case for about a year. During that time, he gained a lot of attention in his department for his theories about the late rapper’s killer.

Biggie, born Christopher Wallace, was slain on March 9, 1997 as he was leaving a Soul Train Music Awards afterparty. The shooting took place six months after Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas. Poole believed that the two cases were related.

Sept. 13 marks the 20th anniversary of Shakur's death, and as a result, people are trying to make a buck. One of his original lyric pages is on sale for a retail price of $38,500. In other Pac-related news, isn’t it wild how people still think he’s alive and well?

Most recently, a picture surfaced of another look-alike, prompting “Tupac Isn’t Dead” conspiracy theorists to claim that Makaveli never left. In the pic, the man purported to be Pac is taking a selfie. There's no point in guessing what a man who's been dead for 20 years would or wouldn't do, but Pac doesn't seem like the type of dude who would be into selfies.

Of course, Biggie's and Makaveli's murders remain unsolved, and people have countless theories about what actually happened. Stay tuned for more news about Labyrinth, which has Brad Furman (who directed Lincoln Lawyer) attached to the project, as well.

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