To see just how forgiving Justin Bieber fans are of his transgressions, Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter out to talk to Beliebers and ask them how they feel about his recent spate of heinous and/or ridiculous bad behavior. But here's the catch: These aren't things the Biebs actually did.

The takeaway is that basically, Beliebers will forgive Justin anything, even if it's desecrating national symbols, being illiterate or parking in handicap spots.

In this segment of 'Lie Witness News,' Bieber fans are asked hilariously untrue questions like, "Are you upset because his new Bentley has tires made of baby seals?" And, "Do you think Justin meant it when he peed on the American flag?" Or our favorite, "Justin punched his grandma in the stomach so hard that she had to go to the hospital, is that okay?"

Spoilers: According to his fans, Justin Bieber can punch all the grandmas he wants. Other answers include "he shouldn't have to walk much" and "he's like God."

And if this surprises you, check out how many young girls were recently willing to convert to Islam just to maybe win a pair of Bieber concert tickets.

Ugh. Do the children have to be our future?

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