Jennifer Lawrence reportedly sustained an eye injury on the set of her upcoming Netflix film.

On Friday (February 5), TMZ reported that the Hunger Games alum was injured earlier in the day on the set of Don't Look Up. Photos from before the accident show her acting alongside Timothée Chalamet.

The two were reportedly filming their final scene in Boston around 1 AM when the incident took place. Lawrence was sitting inside a restaurant when a window exploded, as part of the movie.

The controlled glass explosion went off but Lawrence's eyelid was allegedly cut and "bled profusely," though the injury "wasn't that bad."

“An explosion was set up for a stunt in which glass shatters,” a source explained to Page Six. “It was a stunt in which the glass was supposed to shatter — but it injured her.”

Production was reportedly shut down for the remainder of the day.

In Don't Look Up, Lawrence plays the role of Kate Dibiasky, a low-level astronomer who attempts to warn the world that an approaching comet will destroy the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Evans, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep also star.

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