Ever since Bob Hope hosted the 12th Academy Awards ceremony in 1940, comedians tend to host the show each year. However, in an effort to appeal to younger viewers, this year the Academy has booked actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

Franco's dramatic portrayal of a mountain climber in "127 Hours" earned him a nomination for Best Actor this year. Two years ago, Hathaway was nominated for her difficult role in "Rachel Getting Married." However, both have proven during their careers that they have comedy chops in addition to their acting skills and dashing looks.

The following videos are pulled from Franco and Hathaway's funniest acting roles.

5. Maggie Murdock in "Love & Other Drugs"
Hathaway's character in this 2010 film earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. The role is hilarious, sexy and at times heartbreaking.

4. Mary Poppins on "Saturday Night Live"
Hathaway has hosted the late-night show twice. This sketch from her first time as host displays her ability to do accents and play goofy role in a straight manner.

3. James Franco as himself on "30 Rock"
Franco did a guest appearance on Tina Fey's sitcom, playing himself in need of image rehab. Unfortunately, Liz Lemon doesn't help him out like she should.

2. Katie Holmes on "SNL"'s The Miley Cyrus Show
Hathaway spoofed Holmes in this recurring sketch "Saturday Night Live." Reportedly, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are now boycotting the Awards show because Hathaway is hosting.

1. Saul Silver in "The Pineapple Express"
Former "Freaks & Geeks" cast members Seth Rogen and James Franco reteamed as one of the best comedy movie duos since Cheech & Chong.

- Contributed by Ryan McKee

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