If you are of a certain age the phrase 'Swimming pools and movie stars' takes you back to a time when having a cement pond was a pretty big luxury. Spoiler Alert: Swimming pools are still a very expensive addition to a home that most of us don't have.

Rent a Pool Oasis with Swimply

We can't all be the Clampets, but there are friendly folks right here in Southern Indiana who are willing to share their swimming pools with us!

Swimply is an app that works like Airbnb, but you are just renting a residential pool. The question of insurance and liability immediately popped into my head. According to Swimply, hosting through their service provides you with a one-million-dollar general liability policy.

photo: SWIMPLY Liquid fun and relaxation oasis
photo: SWIMPLY Liquid fun and relaxation oasis

Have a Pool? Rent it Out

If you have an amazing pool and backyard area, you can help pay for it by signing up to rent it out with Swimply. This is still a fairly new service, and you can set your own house rules and pricing.

Suburban Oasis

Ok, host Meggie has an awesome setup for guests. The photos sell this one for me, for sure! And at $40/hour this little oasis will probably book up quickly.

Photo: Swimply
Photo: Swimply
Come enjoy our very large 20'x40' pool that starts at 3' deep and ends at 10' to allow for lots of use of the water slide and diving board! With multiple seating areas and umbrellas, our space is the perfect place to host your life's celebrations or just a chill afternoon with friends. The dedicated pool bathroom is just steps inside the back door and closed off from the main house to ensure privacy for your stay

Liquid Fun and Relaxation

Kimberly has quite the set-up, and I might just have to move in with her! This super relaxing pool rents for $40/Hour.

photo: SWIMPLY Liquid fun and relaxation
photo: SWIMPLY Liquid fun and relaxation
You are welcome to come relax by yourself or celebrate with friends and family. This area is just as relaxing at night as it is during the day. Enjoy the private backyard with pool and zen garden. You will have access to a kitchen and bathroom in the pool house. Nice shady area after 3 pm. Large yard to schedule your next event.
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