Recently, Indiana's Governor Eric Holcomb put his signature on 67 new bills that will become official laws on July 1, 2024. There are some pretty notable new laws that you need to know about. There are also some laws that I didn't even know that we needed.

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Beekeepers - This Might Sting

I only know one person in Southern Indiana that actually has a working beehive. They live in the country, so they will not have to worry about this new law regarding beekeepers.

@upendoestatesfarm ♬ Countryside - Andrew Joy

I know that bees are very important for our environment, but I like to keep my space from them. One time I almost swallowed a bee through a straw, and I'm a bit traumatized from that!

What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

If you live in a nice subdivision or condo there is a good chance that you pay monthly HOA fees. These fees might take care of your lawn or give you access to amenities like a clubhouse or pool. The HOA generally has rules about what color you can paint your house, and how you are allowed to decorate for holidays. According to Nerd Wallet, it is pretty common for HOA to have a say in what type of pets you can have, and if you can run a business from your home.

New Indiana Law Allows HOA to Regulate Beehives

Again, this is a very specific law that concerns a small population of Hoosiers, but lawmakers felt it was necessary to give homeowner associations a little more power when it comes to how many beehives you can have and how close to a property it can be.

Provides that a homeowners association may regulate the number and location of beehives on properties. Provides that a homeowners association may not: (1) regulate the number and location of beehives that are located on a property before the regulations are adopted; and (2) prohibit beekeeping on property that complies with state law, if the beehives are actively maintained for pollination or production of honey. Provides when a homeowners association may prohibit beekeeping within 100 feet of a property.

PumpkinTown Farm In Wareham Is All About The Bees

Wareham is home to one passionate beekeeper at Pumpkintown Farm Soaps. The honey these bees make will be used for soaps and a bunch of other honey-based products.

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