Back in 2022, I was coaching a group of young people in a super laid-back, super recreational basketball league called Upward, hosted by a church (shout out to Forest Hills Wesleyan Church) here in Evansville. The team was made up of a bunch of great kids, including one very special young man from Kentucky named Mitchell Hensley.

attachment-Mitchell and the team

Mitchell has Down syndrome (and he loves the color red!), but he never let that slow him down, and he was never intimidated by sharing the court with a bunch of teenagers he had never met. Throughout the season I learned just how strong Mitchell and his family were in their faith, but I would never have guessed then that I would one day see him on stage with one of the biggest Christian musicians in the world! (You have GOT to see the footage below)

Even the most casual fans of contemporary Christian music are familiar with Chris Tomlin, who has been one of the most successful artists in the last 20 years. Tomlin has produced dozens and dozens of popular worship songs, one of the biggest being "How Great is Our God." As the worship leader at my church, I can tell you that "How Great is Our God" is a crowd favorite - it also happens to be one of Mitchell's favorite songs.

Mitchell was at a recent Chris Tomlin concert and was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the singer on stage during the show. Chris had heard about Mitchell and his love for the song, so he asked him to come on stage and sing a duet of "How Great is Our God."  Mitchell's sister, Katelyn, shared the video on Facebook along with this heartwarming message...

Mitchell is the most perfect representation of Jesus that I know. He is my biggest role model. He made his dreams come true and glorified God through every step!!
Katelyn Hensley
Katelyn Hensley

Even though I hadn't seen Mitchell in a couple of years, I instantly recognized him, and my heart instantly melted. What a special moment for an incredibly special young man!

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