What are the characteristics of the perfect fair food? It's gotta be something you can eat on the go, it needs to look good, it helps to be unique, and of course, it needs to taste good. The problem with most fair food is that you normally have to stop at several booths to get all of your favorite things - but not at the 2024 Indiana State Fair.

Each year, organizers of the Indiana State Fair announce dozens of new and adventurous menu items. One of the new choices for 2024 is going viral because it is one of the most unique concoctions ever seen at any fair.

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Start naming off the things that you would expect/hope to see at a cookout or county fair. Now take a handful of those things (seven to be exact) and somehow incorporate them into an ice-cold adult beverage. Can you imagine what that would look like? Imagine no more.

Meet the Indiana State Fair's Newest Menu Item: the All-American Mary

Let's just break down everything this Mary has to offer...

Indiana State Fair, Canva
Indiana State Fair, Canva
  1. Classic Bloody Mary
  2. Mini corn on the cob
  3. Cheeseburger slider
  4. Fried mac & cheese
  5. Fried Pickles
  6. Waffle Fries
  7. Hotdog slider
  8. Mini apple pie

So save yourself some time, some money, and some steps at this year's Indiana State Fair and just pick up the All-American Mary. I guarantee people will ask you about it - where you got it, how much it costs, and if it's yummy - and some folks might even turn it into a photo op.

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