Dearest Gentle Reader,

Are you ready for the finest soiree of the season? Our friends at Brasher's Lil' Nashville are known far and wide for planning the most fabulous parties and they've officially announced the theme for another epic New Year's celebration.

If you opened this story, I know you love Bridgerton as much as I do! Every season, I end up totally hooked to my Netflix account binging the drama of the 'ton and waiting to see what scandalous things will unfold for Lady Whistledown to write about. Have you seen season three yet? I think it may be the best one so far! I LOVE Penelope and she is the star of the show this year.

Here's a preview if you are new to the Bridgerton fandom. Trust me, you'll get sucked in!

Definitely had to turn the A/C up for this one cause things got pretty spicy! There were a few times I clutched my imaginary pearls or hollered at the TV.

Diamonds, you have plenty of time to visit your favorite modiste to prepare the loveliest frocks of florals and beautiful fabrics inspired by the fashions of the show. Are you bright and bold like the Featheringtons? Modest and feminine like Eleanor? Daring and Funky like Cressida Cowper?

Distinguished gentlemen can dress to the nines like a duke or party like a Rake. Either way, being at Brasher's, you know it's gonna be a blast! So mark your calendar for December 31st at 7PM when the most regal of Owensboro will promenade along 2nd street for drinks, dancing, and live music to usher in 2025.

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