I love a good roadside attraction. Especially if it is creative and involves some kind of interaction! As an artist, I'm also drawn to the fact that this find includes visitors who want to be a part of the ongoing painting project.

It All Began With a Baseball

Alexandria in Madison County, Indiana just north of Indianapolis is home to the World's Largest Ball of Paint. According to their visitor's bureau, it all began on January 1st,1997 when Michael Carmichael's son dipped his baseball in baby blue house paint.

Just How Big is This Ball of Paint?

Over the years, they added layer after layer until that little ball grew bigger and bigger to it's current size which is over 8,700 pounds! The Carmichaels have since built it it's own house where visitors from all over the world have stopped by to contribute to this gigantic globe. It hangs from an industrial hook over a paint splattered floor and surrounded by buckets of different colored latex.

RAC Adventures Youtube
RAC Adventures Youtube

Have a Hand in Continuing the World Record

There is no charge to see the ball or to participate in helping the ball keep it's world record. You can choose whatever color paint you like from the buckets and go to town! You even get a certificate with your name and your paint layer's number which is well over 27,600 by now.

RAC Adventures Youtube
RAC Adventures Youtube

Mr. Carmichael will also take your picture, and ask you to sign the guest book. They ran out of room on the walls! They also have t-shirt souvenirs and you could possibly take home a sliver of the ball that looks like a gemstone with it's multi-colored layers. RoadsideAmerica.com has rated this attraction "The Best." It's also been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Bob & Tom Show.

To visit, you need to set up an appointment. Michael or his wife Glenda like to be there to assist and meet everyone who helps them with this impressive endeavor. To do so, you can call the Carmichaels at 765-724-4088 or email them at WorldsLargestBOP@yahoo.com.


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