The countdown is on for the 4th of July and I know many of you are planning cookouts and parties that will end in some pretty epic fireworks displays.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is getting to do remote broadcasts at local fireworks stands. The folks running them are always lots of fun and I love to walk around and look at all of the hilarious names.

From fountains to rockets to grand finales, they come in every shape, size, color, and style. No one knows that better than the one and only Joe Dirt. It ain't the 4th of July until Joe Dirt stops to buy some Whistlin' Bungholes!

If you have never seen that movie, first of all, what in the world are you waiting for? Second, it's a story about a man named Joe Dirt, duh, played by comedian and actor extraordinaire, David Spade. He is a janitor with an absolutely epic mullet who goes on a journey to find his parents who he lost at the Grand Canyon when he was 8-years-old. It's definitely a MIS-adventure story and it's SO FUNNY. Especially if you know folks like Joe in real life. Redneck and ready to rumble, baby!

There is one scene in particular that has become legendary, especially this time of year where Joe Dirt finds himself at a roadside fireworks stand that has disappointing selection of inventory.

A friend of ours called us this morning to tell us that actor David Spade, the one and only Joe Dirt, shared on his social media yesterday this video of his pitstop to a Kentucky fireworks stand in the Williamsburg/Corbin area.


@davidspade I was in Kentucky and had to find a #fireworks stand #joedirt #snakesandspaklers #theconsumer #july4th ♬ original sound - Joe

How amazing is this?! I would be flipping out fangirling. Definitely shocked at first like the gal in the video. I feel like this is the ultimate event for any firework entrepreneur. Like Gordan Ramsey eating at your restaurant, Happy Gilmore golfing at your golf course, the cast of Friends having coffee at your coffee shop.

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So remember y'all! On the evening of July 3rd, don't forget to leave out some Whisker Doos and Whisker Don'ts for ole Joe Dirt, and we'll all have a very Happy Independence Day!

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