Bears have no business being as cute as they are! As a huge animal lover, my first thought when I see one is that I wish I could pet it and give it a big ole hug, but obviously that is a horrible idea. I know I'm not alone though. I mean, have y'all seen the Tiktok that went viral because this hilarious kid REALLY wanted to "pet that 'dog'?"


@chiefmahomie Pet that dog! 😂😂 #bear #lookslike #dog #funnykids #lmal #hilarious #funny #fyp #petthatdog #wildlife #wildanimals ♬ original sound - Matt Bishoff

With the sightings of a black bear in Daviess County, its good to be prepared and know what you should do and more importantly, NOT do if you come across one in the wild or even your own backyard.

Bear Watch 2024

The Daviess County Sheriff's Department shared the press release below regarding our local honey-seeking visitor that has some great helpful tips to keep in mind. Thankfully the bear hasn't gotten up close and personal with any Daviess Countians, and if we remain aware, hopefully it will stay that way.

Black Bear Mating Season in Kentucky

The Sheriff's Department is going to continue to monitor the situation and communicate with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Right now is prime bear mating season and this fella seems to just be passing through probably looking for a girlfriend or maybe some good ole honey bbq.

Please Don't Hurt Our Visitor!

Black bears are not typically aggressive, so unless he becomes a nuisance, it's best to let him go on his merry way! PLEASE do not try to interact with him or scare him away. It is actually illegal in the state of Kentucky to shoot or trap a bear unless it is a designated hunting season, which it is currently not.  Follow DCSD for more information and to stay up to date on the situation. Especially if you live in Southern Daviess County.

Just a thought, I think our new friend needs a name. What do you think it should be?


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