Do you like french fries? you LOVE french fries? I've never met a soul who didn't like them, so I kicked the question up a notch. It's a question to which I would answer in the resounding affirmative.

In fact, I love them so much, it might not do anybody any good to give me a survey on the topic. "Gourmet" fries, frozen fries cooked in an air fryer...I don't care. I'll take whatever you have. Just don't put cheese on them; I'm fine with just ketchup and black pepper. But if the fries are good enough, I'm fine without any condiments.

A Cool Neighborhood Bistro With a Phenomenal Menu

If someone had asked me what are among my favorite french fries, I'd have a hard time coming up with a short answer, but IN my answer would be a very cool neighborhood restaurant I discovered nearly a decade ago.

I'm not sure why a restaurant in the middle of Louisville is named after a species of shark, but Hammerheads is a huge local favorite nonetheless. In fact, patrons have no problem waiting to get in if they don't get there in time. Nor do they seem to mind that they have a small window in which to visit Hammerheads. It's only open from 5 PM to 9 PM Sunday-Wednesday and 5 PM to 10 PM Thursday-Saturday.

When we visited nine years ago, we got there 30 minutes before it opened, and there was already a line.

Hammerheads in Louisville -- the Best French Fries in Kentucky

Of course, nine years ago, I had no idea that Lovefood would name the Hammerhead french fries the best in Kentucky, so here's a better look. Venison chili beer cheese fries, anyone?

Those venison chili cheese fries aren't a regular occurrence, but no matter. The many ways you can have your fries prepared at Hammerheads means they will always be delicious, regardless of how you order them.

92.5 WBKR via YouTube
92.5 WBKR via YouTube

Those duck fat fries are huge at Hammerheads. You can barely get situated at your table before the staff recommends them. They're certainly amazing "unadorned" but I strongly suggest those seasonings. I've tried them all, and this is my favorite:

Actually, I strongly suggest visiting this very cool eatery. It's in the basement of a house in central Louisville; they do the cooking upstairs.

Hammerheads has it all--great atmosphere, an awesome menu and beverage selection, and, of course, world-class french fries. Oh, and don't forget the aioli.

By all MEANS, do not forget the aioli.

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