A retired couple on a unique adventure makes a stop at a Texas Roadhouse location in Illinois.

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant In Illinois Is Part Of Retired Couple's Bucket List

I'll admit, I'm a fan of Texas Roadhouse. It's reasonable and reliable. Plus, my family enjoys the food. You've gotta love a place that serves you peanuts and you can throw the shells on the shore. The only problem I have is it's always busy and you have to wait to be seated.

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I know some people say they never want to retire. I'm not one of those. They say it would be boring. I promise that I can find things to keep me busy. I believe the key is finding hobbies to keep you active. For me, I would love to go traveling and visit other states, cities, and countries.

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Some retirees will hop in an RV and go. That sounds amazing. Some cruises are available that last weeks and even months. Many people have bucket list items that they would love to accomplish.

Texas Roadhouse Rockford via Facebook
Texas Roadhouse Rockford via Facebook

I've heard of folks that want to see every Major League Baseball stadium. Some like going to National Parks. Others hit every state. There are so many options out there. Like I said earlier, there's enough to do to keep you busy.

Recently, a retired couple from Knoxville, Tennessee made a stop at the Texas Roadhouse in Peoria. They weren't just driving through and getting dinner. That restaurant was a destination stop for them. It's part of their bucket list.

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These people are on a mission to visit every Texas Roadhouse restaurant in the United States. Peoria was another check off on their list. So far, they've been to 431. They have a full log of where they've been and where they still need to go. Now, that's an interesting adventure. I'm guessing they really like steak.

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