The vinyl revolution just proves to Illinois music fans and collectors to never say never because there's always a chance.

Vinyl Collecting Is Huge With Illinois Music Fans

Thanks to my dad and uncle, I got into music really early in my life. They were going to concerts and buying new albums when I was a kid. There were always tunes playing in our house and also in the car. It had a huge impact on me.

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Then I started getting into my own bands. I would save the money from my newspaper delivery route to buy albums. Back in those days, vinyl was king. That's when I started my collection which continues to grow still today.

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Other formats came along like cassettes, 8-tracks, and CDs. I kept buying vinyl as long as I could but it was basically wiped out by the compact discs. I hopped on that bandwagon but I always kept my records and turntable.

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Then digital music and streaming services came along. I appreciate the convenience and ease but I was never a big fan of the sound. Unfortunately, the online tunes took over the world and physical media started going away.

It's the perfect example of never say never. A couple of years ago, physical media especially vinyl started to make a comeback in states like Illinois. Record stores have popped up all over the state. Records went from being a dead format to selling over $1 billion worth of products last year.


Here's the really cool thing. Geeky music fans like myself have always been interested in collecting vinyl. We were the weird dudes you'd see at the record stores. Nowadays, it's a pop culture thing. The collectors are all demographics, ages, and lifestyles. The music being purchased on vinyl is all genres. I'm so happy the younger generation now appreciates it too.

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