Illinois might not be considered the Hollywood of the Midwest but there's been plenty of great movies filmed in our state and here's a chance to learn some of the history.

Movie Tours In Illinois

I understand that when it comes to cities where movies are filmed, Los Angeles and New York get all the love. In reality, I believe Chicago should be right up there too. Many iconic movies and even TV shows have been shot in the Windy City.

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Even though I've recognized many scenes from movies that were shot in Chicago and Illinois, I've never had the opportunity to see one firsthand. One time, I was in the city for a concert, and a bunch of streets were blocked off for a Batman movie set but I never saw any actual filming.

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It's funny when a scene from a movie filmed in Chicago pops up, I immediately think, I've been there before. Of course, there are some flicks that I have no idea where they're located in the city.

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Since movie-making has become such a big thing in Chicago, a new tour company is here to help you learn more about it. They will take you around to some of the iconic places featured in films. Some hidden gems too. Here are some of the trips they offer.

  • The Art Of Ferris Bueller: Experience the same things at the Art Institute that Ferris Bueller and his friends did on their day off.
  • Beneath The Big Screen - Chicago And Movies Underground: Go below street level to visit places where the Dark Knight and other characters spent time.
  • Chicago And Movies In Old Joliet Prison: Go behind the walls of the former prison in Joliet where Jake Blues did time before getting the band back together.

Chicago Movie Tours

Those are just a couple of options. There are plenty of other movie tours available.

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