If you're not good at golf, this new challenge at Illinois courses could make the game at least more interesting for you.

Some Illinois Golfers Are Competing In The Golf Weed Challenge

I remember there was a time when I used to enjoy playing golf. My friends and I would go during high school and college. It was a lot cheaper back in those days. We had a couple of local smaller ones we would hit. My clubs were my dad's old set. Plus, it didn't take all day.

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As I got older, the game got much more expensive including the rounds and equipment. Also, the time to play would be so long I couldn't make it through 18 holes anymore. There was the problem of me sucking really bad at it too.

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The part I miss is hanging out with my buddies, having some beers, and being outside. It's funny because back in those days, our golfing usually ended up being a glorified drinking game. Then, everyone in my crew started taking it too seriously and it wasn't fun anymore.


In my experience, boozing it up was always a big part of golf. I'm not surprised since weed is legal in Illinois that smoking pot has now found its home on the course. Just like drinking games, players now have golf weed challenges. In fact, it's huge on YouTube. Here are some of the things they do.

  • 500mg Edible Challenge
  • 250mg Edible Challenge
  • One Bong Hit = One Mulligan challenge
  • 9 holes, 9 prerolls


Those seem like some pretty insane golf weed challenges so I don't recommend trying it at home. It might be better to watch a video as opposed to doing it in real life.

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