The Evansville Police Department has released statistics after the Monday, May 6, 2024, traffic detail following a number of serious accidents on the Lloyd Expressway.

Motorists Were Noticing the Efforts of the EPD

Earlier this week my social media feed was full of people posting about seeing cars pulled over by law enforcement on Evansville's Lloyd Expressway. It seems some folks were not obeying the posted speed limits, and some of them were driving way over the legal speed limit.

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Evansville Police Performed a Special Detail on the Lloyd Expressway

The Evansville Police Department's Special Operations Unit, along with its Crime Prevention Unit, and three additional officers who were working the "High Visibility Enforcement Grant" took to the Lloyd on Monday, May 6th to conduct two separate details. One of the details was performed in the 2200 block of the East Lloyd Expressway in the area between Boeke and Weinbach Avenues, and the other took place in the area around the West Lloyd Expressway and Fulton Avenue, near downtown. Details were performed from 9 am until 11 am, and from 1 pm until 3 pm.

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EPD Says There Have Been Nearly 12 Accidents Every Day in Evansville

The details were performed after a series of serious accidents in recent weeks, several of which resulted in fatalities. In a statement on Facebook, the Evansville Police department there have been nearly 12 accidents a day for the last couple of months.

...due to recent traffic crashes and the causes of these crashes, it is important for the EPD to be proactive and present in the areas where these accidents are occurring and enforce traffic laws. For the months of March and April the average number of traffic crashes were just over 355; that’s nearly 12 a day, with some of these resulting in a fatality. One life lost due to a traffic crash is one too many.

The Results on Monday's Detail by Evansville Police

The Evansville Police Department have released statistics from the two details that took place on Monday. They say that they stopped 76 motorists in total during the 4 hours that they were clocking cars with radar guns.

• 76 vehicles were stopped
• 72 tickets were issued
• 9 warnings were issued
• 2 arrests were made
• 2 vehicle were towed
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The Lloyd Expressway Speed Limit

Despite its name, the speed limit on the Lloyd Expressway in the two areas that were being patrolled on Monday range between 45 - 55 miles per hour. The slowest vehicle to receive a speeding ticket on Monday was clocked at 64 mph, and the fasted was ticketed for doing 84 mph. EPD says the average speed of the motorists who were cited was nearly 72 mph.

Evansville Drivers Should Expect to See More Radar Guns in the Future

Evansville police remind motorists that officers with radar guns save lives, and they you should expect to see more of them in the future.

[SOURCE: Evansville Police Department via Facebook]

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