In 2020, amid the global pandemic, what started as a "leap of faith" for one Evansville, Indiana area entrepreneur is reportedly coming to an close.

Nearly Four Years of Brick and Mortar Business

In October of 2020, Kiwi's Garden Center opened its doors with a brick and mortar location just off the Lloyd Expressway, at 100 North First Avenue in Evansville. For almost four years now, they have sold both common and rare houseplants, along with gardening supplies and a whole host of unique gift ideas.

A lifetime plant lover with a combined 10+ years of industry experience in garden centers and nurseries, Kiwi, took the leap of faith and opened up her own house plant store in Evansville, Indiana. Kiwi's Garden Center, nestled just off the Lloyd Expressway, opened on October 15th, 2020. At Kiwi's we pride ourselves on a great selection of common and rare house plants, quality gardening supplies, and unique gift items! Our knowledgeable staff are happy to help all new and veteran house plant hobbyists alike!
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Business is "No Longer Sustainable"

Sadly, they have recently announced plans to close up shop. The business's namesake, Kiwi, shared to Facebook the heartbreaking news, citing changes both in the economy, and in their personal life, saying the business is "no longer sustainable."

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A Heartfelt Goodbye Message

In the deeply heartfelt post, Kiwi shares their thanks for the people that have contributed to the business over the last four years.

The local community really came through and showed an outpouring of love for my small house plant store! Part of what made it so special was the amazing house plant community and the employees who helped bring that plant magic to life! Each and every single employee over the past 4 years brought so much joy & kindness and I can’t thank them enough for their help in bringing my dream to life! So it is with heavy hearts we announce the closure of Kiwi’s Garden Center.

When Will Kiwi's Garden Center Close Its Doors?

As of right now, there is not a definitive date set for the closure. However, in another post to Facebook, they say they expect the closure to take place either later in July or sometime in August.

It Isn't Goodbye - It's See Ya Later

While this may be the end of Kiwi's Garden Center, for those who enjoyed shopping the many unique gift items available at the store, you will be able to find those same wonderful and often times whimsical gifts at Kiwi Garden Center's sister store, Tanuki Mart. The Japanese grocery store is located at 5614 East Virginia Street in Evansville and is open Tuesday through Saturday from Noon to 7 pm.

[Source: Kiwi's Garden Center via Facebook]

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