Metropolitan Evansville Transit System (METS) was first created in 1971 to provide public transportation to the City of Evansville. Now, in 2024, that public transportation system is growing in a small, but very large, way - METS Micro!

METS Routes

METS provides public transportation with 17 fixed routes throughout the city, according to EvansvilleMPO.

METS provides transportation for the public on 17 fixed routes Monday through Friday. Twelve of these routes are hourly and five run every 30 minutes. METS operates 16 routes on an hourly schedule on Saturday and five routes on an hourly schedule Sunday. The fixed route fare is $0.75 per bus for standard fare, $0.50 for students, and $0.35 for elderly and disabled riders.
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METS is Growing

METS has recently grown with the addition of METS Micro. This is an on-demand ride share option offered through the Metropolitan Evansville Transportation System. The rides, which you can call and order, work similar to other ride share companies you may be familiar with, but at a fraction of the cost.

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METS Micro Locations

On its website, METS Micro is described as "affordable like a bus, convenient like a taxi," and that is exactly what it's like. The METS Micro area currently covers a portion of Evansville's east side, as well as downtown, including most all of the 47713 zip code - like Haynie's Corner and Mickey's Kingdom.

Other METS Micro Destinations

Other destinations covered by METS Micro include Costco, Deaconess Gateway Hospital, Dollar General, Wal-mart Neighborhood Market, Venderburgh County Health Department, and more.

Cost to Take a Ride with METS Micro

If you're ready to take a ride, you can actually get your first six rides absolutely free - you don't even need a promo code! After that, they are just $2 a ride - far more affordable than any other ride share or taxi you could order.

How to Take a METS Micro Ride

If you're ready to go, all you need to do is create a METS Micro account and download the free METS Micro app. You can use a debit or credit card in the app to pay for your rides. You can also use cash at the METS Administrative Office to purchase a ride voucher.

Learn more about METS Micro here. You can also learn how to become a METS Micro driver as well.

[Source: Downtown Evansville via Facebook]

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