One of my favorite things about working in Evansville is the vast amount of food options available. There is such a diverse selection, and you could probably find just about any food you're in the mood for with a quick Google search. In addition to the wonderful brick-and-mortar locales, there is also great selection of food trucks that serve up equally satisfying cuisine. In fact, a new one just hit town that I think you might like.

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If you want to get a taste of some authentic Venezuelan food in the Evansville area, you won't have to go far. In fact, the kitchen may even be closer to you than you think. There is a new food truck in town called Arepasville, and they serve everything from empanadas to churros and chicha. However, as you might have guessed from the name, the main staple on this truck is arepas.


Now, I'll admit, I wasn't quite sure what arepas were, so I decided to consult the experts at Arepasville. According to the Venezuelan natives, arepas are a fast food staple in South America. The dough is made from maize, which can be stuffed with anything you would like, such as cheese, chicken, pork, or all of the above. In essence, they are similar to tacos, and they sure do look delicious.

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Some other menu items include patacones, which are made with fried green plantains, and tequeños, which are fried Venezuelan-style cheese sticks. There is an abundance of authentic cuisine to try, along with plenty of drinks available to wash it down. You can learn more about Arepasville and their menu by visiting their Facebook page.

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