Do you know someone who's not afraid to step up and take charge? Someone who sees a need in the community and instead of saying, "You know what we need?", or "Someone should do something about that," they actually take the initiative to gather a group of people and make it happen. If so, they are the exact type of person Leadership Everyone wants to recognize at their annual Celebration of Leadership Awards coming up in March.

What is Leadership Everyone?

Originally known as Leadership Evansville, the organization was founded in 1976 and works to bring together people who want to make positive changes in our communities and assist them with making those changes a reality. As the years went on, its reach went beyond the city of Evansville into all of Vanderburgh County as well as surrounding counties in southern Indiana and some in western Kentucky. The increased reach led the organization to announce it was renaming itself, Leadership Everyone, during the 2019 Celebration of Leadership event.

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2024 Celebration of Leadership

Each March, the organization celebrates those individuals who have stepped up to make a positive impact on our community during the Celebration of Leadership Awards.  However, the organization can't keep tabs on everyone who is working to make our community a better place, so they rely on residents such as me and you to make them aware of those individuals and the work they're doing by allowing us to nominate someone we know who is making a difference in the place we all call home.

How to Nominate an Individual for the Celebration of Leadership Awards

Nominations can be for individual people, businesses, organizations, or specific projects in one of the following categories:

  • Arts
  • Community and Neighborhood
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Government and Public Service
  • Health and Social Services

To make a nomination, fill out the online form available on the Leadership Everyone website which in addition to asking for the nominee's name and contact info, also asks you to provide reasons why you are nominating that individual, business, or organization, and what exactly they've done to make the community better for everyone.

All nominations are due by midnight on Friday, December 15th, 2023, and will be reviewed by a group of community members chosen by Leadership Everyone. That group will decide who becomes officially nominated and who doesn't.

The winners will be announced during the Celebration of Leadership Awards show, which like the past three years, will air on WNIN Channel 9, as well as stream live on the Leadership Everyone social media accounts. The specific date and time for the 2024 awards have not yet been announced as of this writing.

[Source: Leadership Everyone on Facebook]

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