Illinois has some of the most amazing restaurants, but none compare to the most beautiful.

Picked solely for its location on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, Tre Dita is one of the most beautiful restaurants in America. You can take in all the views with the dramatic 40-foot windows throughout the place.

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Tre Dita has a variety of menu items from antipasti, handmade pasta, signature entrees and steaks, and a sweet dessert and wine menu. You can either reserve a seat at the amazing long bar or the restaurant with a table, but either way, the experience you will get when you eat at Tre Dita will be one to remember.

Photo by Tre Dita
Photo by Tre Dita

There is no bad view of the Chicago Skyline anywhere in the restaurant

Photo by Tre Dita
Photo by Tre Dita

I have been to fancy restaurants, but nowhere that has a vire of a river or lake, so it's no wonder that this restaurant lands on the most beautiful list. It's fairly priced for what you would think a "fancy" upscale restaurant would be, but I would leave the kids at home for this visit. There are no chicken nuggets on this menu.

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Just keep this restaurant in mind if you are getting away without the kids and want to try something fancy and dress up.

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