Have you ever wanted to go to Vegas but couldn't afford it? Have you ever wanted to see what it's like sleeping in a spaceship? Those are just some of the wacky and fun theme hotel rooms you can stay in at the Sunset Inn & Suites in Clinton, Illinois.

If you want to travel and can't afford to go anywhere, or need to just get away for a weekend I am sure you wouldn't even think about going to Clinton, Illinois, but you may want to now.

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Sunset Inn & Suites may look like a cute, normal hotel, but inside there are 12 different fantasy-themed rooms that take you away from it all and transport you into space, Africa, a glacier, and even France.

Illinois Hotel Fantasy Suites

Gallery Credit: Samantha Barnes

All of these rooms have a no children, pets, or party rule. They are really for visitors to just get away from it all for just a day (or two) and relax without breaking the bank. Clinton, Illinois is a small town with just a little over 6,000 in population and is located just south of Bloomington, Illinois

These rooms are pretty impressive for a small hotel and do take the word "fantasy" to a whole other level. There are normal rooms available that have access to an indoor pool, 24-hour gym, and hot tub., but booking one of these fantasy rooms takes a whole new meaning of getting away from it all.

If you love to travel, but can't afford to go on your dream vacation, this hotel might have the perfect room for you.

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