It's hard to imagine that bridges built back in the 1860s can still be standing, but that is the case for one bridge in Illinois.

Princeton, Illinois is home to the oldest bridge in the entire state, and is still in use today. Since 1863, the Red Covered Bridge has helped people go across Big Bureau Creek. From mules and horses to cars and trucks this bridge has helped millions across the creek.

The bridge is made of wood which cost just over  3,000 back in the mid-1800s and is estimated to cost about $90,000 if built today. It's only one of ten covered bridges in the Land of Lincoln.

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According to, the bridge is one of the last of its kind and worth the trip just for the views and to experience the thrill of driving on one of the oldest bridges in the state. In 1975 the bridge was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places to help keep the history going for many more to see and experience.

The sign above the bridge made me giggle a little bit. It says,

Five Dollars fine for driving more than twelve horses mules or cattle at one time or for leading and beast faster than a walk on or across this bridge.

My question to that is back then how monitor all of that and determine if the people crossing were going faster than they should? Don't you just love history?

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