Flyover the Windy City starting March, 1st 2024, here are the details you need to know about the brand new tourist attraction opening in Chicago this March.

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According to NBC Chicago, we now know when Chicago's newest tourist attraction will open. FlyOver at Navy Pier will open on March 1st, 2024, Flyover is an immersive flight ride, and on the site NBC Chicago says...

"From climbing skyscrapers 13,000 ft. high to diving straight down buildings, skimming sidewalks, swooping into iconic landmarks like the Chicago Theatre, to floating though fireworks and more, this experience will be the first of its kind to hit Chicago," the release said. Flyover's "signature Chicago journey" will be shown on a 65-foot spherical screen, with seats that can swoop, dip and turn, giving guests the chance to "hang suspended" and experience the "feeling of flight," the release added."

The article goes on to mention how tickets for FlyOver at Navy Pier will be $24 and will be one of only 4 FlyOver locations in the World, the others being in Las Vegas, Iceland, and Canada. For more information, and to purchase tickets, click here! 

If you want an idea of what this attraction will be like, here is a YouTube video showing you the FlyOver experience in Las Vegas

This is going to be so cool! Navy Pier has gone under some major renovations over the last 5 years and has truly become a destination for families, dates, food, and fun, without feeling like a classic tourist trap. I will definitely be checking this out this summer when I take a trip up to Chicago.

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