A woman on Reddit is at odds with her husband because he refuses to kick his daughter and her kids out of their home.

"I got married to my now husband three years ago, he has a daughter. She's 27 with a 4-year-old kid and now gave birth to a girl who is 11 months old. Her relationship with the father of her children is complicated and he is out of sight right now without getting into more details," the woman wrote on Reddit.

His daughter doesn't "have any sort of income," and therefore can't afford to pay rent on a place for her and her children.

"Thus for the past four months she has been living with us. Those were the most hectic months of my life. Lack of sleep at night, chaos during the day. Lots of control over food because her 4-year-old is very picky and even couldn’t watch TV properly because again kids want to see cartoons," she continued.

The woman explained her daughter-in-law hasn't talked to the father of her children about their situation, or tried to get any "child support" from him.

"She isn’t even giving me the potential that she might do something now, she decided that this is where she’ll live. So I told my husband that he has to get her a place and try to reach the father of her children because this situation isn’t working at all. He refused because while he is already the one paying for all her stuff, he doesn’t wanna pay extra rent," she explained.

The woman understands why her daughter-in-law wouldn't want to leave as she has a "free cook" and "free babysitters," but she wants her out of her house ASAP.

"I held my ground that she has 'til the end of this month to leave or else I’ll file for divorce (which will cost my husband a lot)," the woman concluded.

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Users in the comments slammed the woman's husband for not understanding his wife's frustrations.

"Your stepdaughter and her children will not be vacating the house any time soon. This is their forever home now because her dad has already told her it’s okay. If you’re not okay with financially supporting her and her brood for the next 18 years, I suggest you pack your things and file for divorce. Your husband will keep using your money to fund his daughter and grandkids for the rest of their lives if you let him," one person wrote.

"Just do what is necessary for you. Let the others fend for themselves. It should bring things into focus," another chimed in.

"Also, put a lock on [your] stuff, food or otherwise. These are the types of people to take advantage of anything not nailed down or under lock and key," someone else commented.

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