This bride and her best friend on TikTok were in for a major surprise during her walk down the aisle when they discovered that what they thought was a cow in a nearby field was not actually the adorable farm animal.

"When your bestie is walking down the aisle and you realize..." the first cryptic caption on the viral video said.

The bride walked down an outdoor aisle holding yellow sunflowers with the help of bridesmaids and the man escorting her to the altar.

Then, she looked to the side and noticed something strange.

"That cow on the other side of the lake is in fact not a COW..." the video's next caption said, showing what appeared to be a black animal with white horns sitting serenely in the grass.

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"...but a FURRY just hanging out in the field that just happens to be right behind the [altar] where they're taking photos..." the captions continued.

The furry then sat up and revealed their true human form.

"...who then walks closer and starts playing paparazzi," the last caption revealed.

The video creator shared a photo of the person dressed as a furry allegedly taking their own photos of the wedding ceremony from afar.

Watch the video, below:

Many of the viewers who watched the video were just as baffled as the bride.

"This might be an original experience," one person joked in the comments section in reference to the popular meme "I've never had an original experience."

"This is the strangest collection of sentences I could have never imagined," another person wrote in the comments.

"Nothing on EARTH could’ve prepared me for this," someone else agreed.

"Girl by I would’ve been walking over there. Go on get," one person joked.

"Now why would they do that seeing the entire wedding going on in front of them? at least move from the [altar]," someone else said.

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