I first noticed a semicolon tattoo on a friend of mine when I asked her to share the meaning behind her art. She had some fun stories behind a couple of them and then she came to her semicolon on her ankle.

She told me it represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention and stopping the stigma.

Whether the tat is for yourself or supporting someone else, when I looked into it I discovered a grassroots movement and why a semicolon tattoo has come to represent the story of life and supporting mental health awareness not just in the United States but around the world.

According to the Upworthy website, this grassroots organization called Project Semicolon started over a decade ago in 2013 on social media to show encouragement, love, inspiration, and hope to those struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury.

Originally created as a day where people were encouraged to draw a semicolon on their bodies and photograph it, it quickly grew into something greater and more permanent. Today, people all over the world are tattooing the mark as a reminder of their struggle, victory, and survival.

According to Gcelt.org, Captain America himself, Chris Evans is an outspoken mental health advocate who proudly displays a semicolon tattoo on his right wrist. His personal experience with anxiety prompted him to wear the reminder for himself and others according to Gcelt.org.

Lady Gaga’s semicolon tattoo, according to GCelt.org is on her left wrist as a reminder that no one is alone with their struggles.

Selena Gomez also has this meaningful tattoo showing her support for Project Semicolon through her journey battling anxiety and depression. As you may recall, according to Elle Magazine, Selena got the tattoo right after her Netflix-produced series 13 Reasons Why about teen suicide.

Here's more on Project Semicolon which I've learned is not just a trend but an ongoing conversation.

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