Some stans on Twitter (sorry, X) are convinced pop star besties Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were spilling tea about It Couple Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the 2024 Golden Globes Sunday (Jan. 7), but where's the proof? And what were they really talking about?

Selena, Taylor and actress Keleigh Teller, who is friends with Taylor and starred in her "I Bet You Think About Me" music video, went viral on social media after they were spotted having a seemingly intense private conversation at their table Sunday night at the awards ceremony.

On Twitter (X...), some are claiming that the conversation consisted of Selena telling Taylor and Keleigh that Kylie blocked her from taking a photo with the Wonka star. The latter couple were at the awards ceremony for Timothée's Best Performance in a Motion Picture (Male Actor) nomination, where they delighted their Tinsel Town peers and the media with all sorts of PDA.

Now, it's unclear where this rumor (which, by the way, is all it is — a rumor) started exactly, but an early unverified, alleged transcription claims Selena "asked for a picture with him and she [Kylie] said no," while clips from the moment show both Taylor and Keleigh reacting in shock, though you can't actually hear what any of the women are saying.

The rumor has already started spreading on Twitter (ugh, OK, X), with various stan and pop culture accounts sharing the alleged transcription of the "Bad Blood" music video co-star's convo.

While Taylor's shocked reaction to whatever Selena says to her implies the tea being spilled at that table is certainly scorching hot, it's unclear what their conversation is actually about, as you can't make out exactly what they're saying from most of the footage shared on social media.

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In one clip from the moment, however, it does appear Keleigh responds to whatever Selena has told them, "With Timothée?" But the room is extremely loud and it's difficult to confirm whether or not that translation of the audio is accurate.

Again, there's zero confirmation that the rumored topic of their (largely inaudible) conversation was a snub from Kylie and Timothée, so let's give everybody some grace.

While this particular rumor seems mostly unfounded at the moment, Selena and Kylie's personal relationship has always been a point of interest (and rumored contention) in Hollywood.

Aside from Kylie being the sister of her BFF Taylor's former nemesis Kim Kardashian (their feud is truly mythic in pop culture proportions), the two previously shared an awkward moment in the spotlight when Kylie was accused of mocking Selena online.

Plus, 10 years ago, rumors circulated that Selena unfriended Kylie on social media after finding photos and texts from Kylie on her then-boyfriend Justin Bieber's phone.

However, Selena and Kylie has also shown support to each other over the years too, such as when Kylie attended Selena Gomez and the Scene's Kiss & Tell record release party in Hollywood back in 2009.

Timothée and Kylie first sparked romance rumors in January of last year. They made their public debut as as couple at Beyonce's concert in September 2023.

As for Timothée and Selena, the two appear to have been very friendly to each other through the years.

The pair starred together in the 2019 Woody Allen romantic comedy A Rainy Day in New York, and even appeared together in a playful Instagram livestream in 2020.

In 2023, Timothée referenced Selena's documentary My Mind & Me in commercial for Apple TV+.

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