Grimes responded to critics who labeled her a "Nazi" for being "proud of white culture."

On New Year's Eve (Dec. 31), the "Oblivion" singer shared an initial post and responses to her followers on Twitter (X). She labeled herself a "human suprematist" as "humans are amazing."

"I'm called a Nazi because I happily am proud of white culture. But every day I think fondly of the brown king Cyrus the Great who invented the first ever empire, and the Japanese icon Murasaki Shikibu who wrote the first novel ever. What if humans just loved each other? History teaches us that we have all been, and always will be - great," she wrote.

One user responded to the tweet by writing about her ex, Elon Musk, and his stance on illegal immigration and white supremacy. She retorted, "Everyone who wants to join in to contribute should be allowed. I am an immigrant to America, I hope I get to stay here, same as many others."

Grimes added that she believes in Tolkien's belief that the Nazis damaged "the melting pot that is 'white culture.' My complaint is the western ignorance of everything else, such as Kublai Khan's popularization of paper money and mechanics."

When another user requested that she delete this thread, she responded that she doesn't care and that she "will ride always for the beauty and ingenuity of all humans. It is only those who refuse to look at history who think anyone superior or inferior and I will happily die on this hill."

Grimes shared that her New Year's resolution is to "remind us that humans [are] sick and if [you] want to lie to [yourself] and pretend that every race hasn't lead us all at one point or another ur self sabotaging. We belong together."

She concluded her responses to fellow Twitter users by noting that all cultures have "participated in horrible things and the industrialization of slavery is arguably the worst of all." Grimes noted that there are still "great humans among us in the past and now." At the end of the day, she believes that "all humans have contributed to our worst and best."

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