A man on Reddit is upset after his girlfriend slept in the same bed with another man at a friend's sleepover.

"Last night my girlfriend was hanging out with one of her girlfriends and at one point this random guy I’ve never heard of joined up with them. They go back to my girlfriend’s place and all end up sleeping in the same bed together which made me incredibly jealous and uncomfortable," he wrote.

"My girlfriend and her girlfriend both assured me that it was fine because they didn’t do anything and the other friend was in the middle so my girlfriend and the guy didn’t even touch," the man continued on Reddit.

Despite his girlfriend's explanation, he was still "very upset" that she shared the bed with another man.

"I expressed these feelings to my girlfriend and she was like, 'Yeah, I don’t see the problem, I’d be fine if you did that with a girl as long as the situation was the same.' I don’t understand how she doesn’t see the problem here and I feel like she still shouldn’t have done it just because she saw how upset it was making me," the man shared.

"Am I overreacting or being crazy? She’s making me feel like I’m just being dramatic and getting upset for no reason," he concluded his post.

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Users in the comments section shared their opinions, with many agreeing with the man's feelings about the situation.

"You're perfectly entitled to have boundaries and to stick to them. You've made your position clear, and so has she. You're not going to change her mind obviously, and it's up to you whether or not you want to change yours," one person wrote.

"Up to you to decide where to go from here. Lots of questions… Why couldn’t someone sleep on the couch, as in this random guy?? Why did he have to sleep in the same bed as your [girlfriend] and her friend? Going forward, are you going to be cool with something like this happening again?" another user asked.

"I've got a simple rule for situations like this. There should be a clear delineation between the things you do when you're single and the things you do when you're in a relationship. Girl's night is one thing. Ending up in bed with a guy and your girlfriends is another. Maybe nothing happened, but at that point, it's almost irrelevant because that's single girl behavior, not girl with a guy at home behavior. Her saying she'd be fine with it if the roles were reversed sounds like after-the-fact face saving," someone else commented.

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