Whether we truly want to admit it or not, with every keystroke, internet search, and clicked link, Google is collecting information about us which can include personal stuff.  It's not a nefarious thing it's a computer thing monitoring our activity to make life easier for us.

We've all experienced Google making services more useful for us and assisting us in discovering or rediscovering the things we've searched for, read about, and watched on YouTube or other video sites.

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Google and other search engines as well as those apps and services save your information in a Google activity account. I searched moving companies the other day and now movers are popping up all over the place. Eventually, the moving companies will stop popping up in place of more recent searches.

However, it's the personal stuff that may feel a bit uncomfortable to be floating out and about.

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According to The Sun U.S.we all have control of our search activity presence on Google and can find and delete any of our activity at any time simply by going to the My Activity section. According to The Sun U.S., you can delete each item. Maybe it's a single search you did or a website that was automatically saved by Google.

Jolana Miller/Townsquare Media
Jolana Miller/Townsquare Media


To make it easy for you, just click here on My Activity. You may notice that the Web & Activity toggle is pushed on. There are also the Timeline History and YouTube History toggles. Those in themselves you can choose what to do with.

Meanwhile, look for any item you want to delete and simply hit the delete button or you can delete all at one time by choosing the All Time option under delete.


Another option you may prefer is to go to your Google account and then tap on the Data & Privacy, then History Settings and tap on the activity you want to auto-delete.

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