A bride got upset with her friend for prioritizing her children, so she ended up kicking her out of the bridal party.

"I had a friend that was getting married, we have been friends since we were 10. She asked me to be a bridesmaid. Her wedding ceremony was on a different day, so we were only a part of the reception starting at 4:00PM," the woman wrote on Reddit.

She explained that the reception was located an hour away from where she lived and on a Friday, and the bride-to-be wanted all the bridesmaids and her family "to be there at 7:00AM for hair and makeup."

"There were about 15 people doing hair and makeup. I let her know that I would be an hour late for hair and makeup because my children’s preschool did not open until 7:00AM. I asked her what time slot I would be in and was trying to discuss a solution. She refused to give me details or discuss it with me and she was upset that I was making my problems her problems when she was busy planning a wedding. She said you need to be there when I say and I’m not wasting my time discussing this with you," the woman continued.

The woman contacted the wedding glam team, which she was paying for, and they told her that it was OK for her to run a little late. However, the bride didn't appreciate her trying to solve the issue independently.

"I let my friend know and she snapped. Told me I was a snake for contacting her vendor behind her back and contacting the vendor to get information. Then she told me I was no longer welcome at her wedding, and blocked me on everything," she explained, adding that she had already paid for the hair and makeup as well as her dress.

"It is my position that my children need to come first. I also think that if I am paying for a service I should be allowed to ask questions about it. Would it have been an issue if I asked if they charge extra to installation of hair extensions or false lashes? I believe that she believes it was her special day and I should just be there. But I think her reaction was an overreaction," the woman concluded.

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Users backed the woman in the comments section, with many slamming her friend.

"Put your dress up for sale. 'Never worn. Got kicked out for prioritizing my kid's education over a hairdo.' Your (hopefully) ex-friend might have been stressing, but weeks before the wedding is no reason to be that way. Did she expect everyone to be fawning over her as she got HER hair done? Or was there a photographer there to make sure there were plenty of pictures of all the bridesmaids? Either way, she'll look at her photos, no one else will. Her unforgettable day will be forgotten in a week. That's how weddings are. She'll blame you for 'ruining' her day, when you know she did it herself," one person wrote.

"The wasted money is disappointing but the bright side is you will no longer have this awful person in your life. You win!" another user commented.

"7AM arrival for a 4PM reception? Ah hell no. When people show you who they are, believe them," someone else chimed in.

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