A bride on Reddit shared that she's banning her cousin from wedding because her cousin is dating her ex-boyfriend.

"My cousin is currently dating my ex, with whom I ended things amicably. Although I no longer have feelings for him, I do not want him at my wedding, a day that is incredibly important to me. I do not want him there to potentially overshadow the happiness of the occasion," the bride wrote in a post on Reddit's Am I the A--hole forum.

She also noted that her ex and her cousin's relationship is still "quite new" and just in case they break up, she does not want him to be in any of the wedding photos.

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"When my cousin brought up the issue of bringing her boyfriend as a plus one, I told her that she could not bring him. She became upset and tried to argue her case," the bride continued.

"I finally told her that if she insisted on having him there, then I would rather she not be there at all. Now she is angry with me," she said.

"I understand where my cousin is coming from, but I feel that she is not considering my feelings and the feelings of my own partner, whom I also have to consider when planning [the] wedding," she added.

Most commenters on the post agreed with the bride's stance.

"I think it's fine for her to have asked you as you did end amicably with him but she should have accepted your no straight away as it's your wedding. If she comes back to you and says she is sorry and leaves the matter alone then you might decide to keep her as a bridesmaid," one person said.

"If she continues to bring this up and continues to be angry then I completely understand why you wouldn't want her as a bridesmaid anymore," the person added.

In another comment, someone asked for further information about the timeline of both relationships.

The bride said that she and her ex dated for three and a half years, have been broken up for three years and that he's been dating her cousin for four months.

"Cousin does not need to bring that new of a bf to your wedding. If you had dated ex for 4 months 10 years ago and cousin was dating ex for 3.5 years, it’d be a totally different story!" the commenter agreed.

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