A man on Reddit is uncomfortable with his future daughter-in-law's demands for her upcoming wedding, which include walking her down the aisle.

"I'm very close with my kids, my son is engaged to Abbie, she seems nice but has been a bit pushy trying to create relationships with me and my wife, though she's also awkward with her. Abbie isn't close to her family, she told us many stories why and while some of her complaints don't seem awful, it's not my place to judge and I didn't live it so I can't know anyway," the man began.

He explained that he and his new wife have tried to be welcoming, but Abbie has been forcing her way "into some family traditions," and even calls his daughter "sis." Abbie also started calling the man "dad" long before she and his son were ever engaged, and his son asked that he allow it as she sees him as the "dad she always wanted."

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"I didn't like it but I do feel bad, so fine, I gave her that. She wants me to walk her down the aisle and [do] the father/daughter dance. I don't want to walk her down, and I walk with a cane so dancing is hard. At my own wedding I only danced twice. John is begging for me to do one, preferably the aisle," he continued.

In addition, Abbie also wants him to "say something about having a second daughter now in my speech and how I loved her."

"She asked if I'd do the walk and dance for [my actual daughter] Sally, I said of course. She yelled she's my daughter too and I said it will never be the same, Sally is my actual daughter. I tried to explain that I'd talk about her being a happy addition to the family and I love how happy she makes Jack, which I thought was a good compromise, but she started crying," he shared.

Later, his son called him "nearly begging" to refer to Abbie as his daughter in his upcoming wedding speech, and now he doesn't know what to do.

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Users in the comments section urged the man to talk to his son before the wedding.

"You have your boundaries. Abbie sounds like she's developed this fantasy involving you and your family. That can't be healthy," one person wrote.

"You need to tell your son that it seems like she has some quite severe attachment issues and that you are worried for both him and Abbie (and the relationship dynamics as a whole moving forward)," another chimed in.

"If she can become this attached to you so quickly, I wonder about her attachment to your son. She doesn't sound that stable mentally/emotionally. I hope she gets some help," someone else commented.

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