Growing up, we had a Husky named Foxxy. Foxxy was a typical Husky. She loved running. One day a man called and told us to come pick her up. She was 18 miles from our house.

Photo by Stephanie Cantu on Unsplash
Photo by Stephanie Cantu on Unsplash

She also loved being outside in the cold. And the colder it was the better she liked it! It's the breed. We let her stay outside a lot but we always had a heated doghouse for her to sleep in if she wanted to get out of the elements. Even our barn cats had heated houses to cozy up in and were welcome indoors when the temperatures dropped. One always took advantage of this offer. The others opted for their heated cat houses.

If you have an outdoor pet, please make sure you bring them in (if they will come in) when the temps become frigid. For most dogs and cats, 45 degrees is the coldest they can stand. But be smart. If you have a short-haired dog like a chihuahua, anything below, say 70 is sweater weather! If you have a husky or Alaskan Malamute, they will let you know if they want to sleep in the snow. And it's imperative to make sure all outdoor pets have some sort of shelter for all weather.

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To help ensure all Evansville area animals have shelter, It Takes a Village is giving away igloo doghouses. They posted this to social media today:

FREE dog igloos for outside dogs! If you are in need of one to help keep your outside dog warm during the winter, stop by the ITV Rescue Center during open hours!

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