Do you know what a polydactyl cat is?  Sometimes these special cats are referred to as "Hemingway cats" as famous writer Ernest Hemingway loved them. So what makes these cats so special?  Well, polydactylism is a condition where the cat has an abnormal number of toes on its paws. They have more than normal cats.

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In fact according to sailors used to find polydactyl cats as a symbol of good luck. I guess it's kind of like finding a 4-leaf clover.  An extra leaf means it's a little extra special, just like a couple of extra toes on these cats.  They say that's why many of these cats used to travel on ships between the U.S. and Britain.

It Takes a Village has one of these special cats in their care now, his name is French. French is a 3-month old polydactyl kitten, who has the cutest little paws with extra toes.  There's nothing wrong with a cat who is polydactyl other than they have more toes. Besides that, they're just normal cats.

Here's what ITV says about French, and it's pretty comical about him being good or evil (my bet is on good, I mean look at his face)!

French is a three month old male kitten. He is a polydactyl, meaning he has extra toes! The most famous polydactyl cats were owned by Ernest Hemingway. In ITV’s (albeit brief) history of helping cats, we have only had 8 polydactyl individuals! French has not yet let us know if he plans on using his extra toes for evil or good. For instance, would they help him grip a vehicle key and turn it on? Would he use that vehicle to pick up some ice cream and then eat it in front of you? Or would he share? We just can’t say. French did start out as a feral kitten, but he’s spent the last few weeks getting socialized in a foster home. He’s a little timid at the rescue center, but more relaxed in a home setting. He’s been staying with other cats and older kids (8 and up). French hasn’t met any dogs yet, but young kittens can usually adjust given time. To adopt French and help him choose between the path of good or evil, apply at
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