It was only two and a half years ago that Lindsey from the Warrick Humane Society brought my sweet Roxie into the KISS 106 studios to be a Pet of the Week.  Then known as "Precious," she and I instantly bonded and I decided right then with her in my arms that she was going to be mine forever.

Photo: Kat Mykals

Lindsey told me that Roxie's mom was half-Husky and half-Jack Russel and that she didn't know what her dad was.  Well, I'm starting to believe that sweet Roxie's biological father (I'M her dad!) may not have been a DOG at all...  I think maybe her biological father may have been a LION!

I'll share some photographic evidence as to why I'm theorizing this:


For starters, look at this mane!  Look at this face!  I could much easier show you THIRTY lions that look like this than I could ONE single dog!


Photo: Simply Savvy Photography


I mean seriously, for comparison, this is what a "real" lion looks like:



And that's JUST HER HEAD!  Check out this side-by-side of my dog Roxie again with a "real" lion!  (FULL DISCLOSURE: This photo was after her mom gave her a haircut, which greatly shortened her mane and lion-fur.)

The Rob Hirschbuhl/Disney


So what do you think?  Is the beautiful, majestic Roxie "Man's Best Friend" as she was portrayed, or "King of the Jungle?"  Leave us a comment!