UPDATE (2/23): Turns out PopCrush was right to have its suspicions — Beyonce has pulled out as Coachella headliner for medical reasons, the festival announced today on Facebook. Coachella insists, though, that Bey will be back for 2018.

ORIGINAL POST (2/1): Beyoncé's with Bey-bies — which is great news for her and Jay Z and everyone in the Knowles-Carter family, and the BeyHive at large. But what about the thousands of people who might have bought tickets to see her headlining at Coachella this year?

Your guess is as good as that of the Coachella organizers.

"At least some" of the executives at AEG Live, the company behind Coachella, had no idea that Bey was expecting, reports TMZ.

The website also claims that the Lemonade superstar is "somewhere in the vicinity of 4, maybe 5 months pregnant." That means she'd still be pregnant — very pregnant — by the time her headlining show at Coachella arrives in April.

"It's unclear if Bey will even perform, which would send ticketholders into a panic," the site reports.

Granted, she's done it before:

Attendees are nervously hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst, on social media. See reactions below:

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