Father's Day is Sunday and if you still haven't decided what to get the Dad in your life or you're just running a little low on cash, here are some affordable last minute gift ideas!

  1. New Grill Accessories - Most Dad's like to grill out on Father's Day and it's always pretty cool to break in a new set of tongs, an embroidered apron, or even a cool chef's hat!
  2. Video Game Gift Cards - If your Dad's a gamer like me, a $10 or $20 Playstation or Xbox gift card (whichever he plays) is always welcome!
  3. CLEAN DAD's CAR - Hard working Dad's rarely have the time to really clean and detail their vehicles like they really want to. So a great idea would be to break out the wash cloths and vacuum and give Dad's ride and good once over!
  4. Make/Take Dad to Dinner - When all else fails, no man can resist the aroma of his favorite meal being cooked in the kitchen or at his favorite restaurant. A full Dad is a happy Dad.

If you've got any other last minute gift ideas for Dad, leave them in the comment box below!

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