You've likely read or heard stories about stray cats climbing up under parked cars looking for a place to catch a nap or get warm. This story is kind of like that, but I'm guessing this mechanic in Kokomo, Indiana would have preferred finding a cat in the SUV he was working on instead of what was actually hiding in there.

Kokomo, Indiana Mechanic Finds Live Raccoon Hiding in SUV


The description by whoever shot the video that was shared by ViralHog via Rumble doesn't reveal the name of the dealership in Kokomo where the furry, little stowaway was found, nor does it mention why the SUV was in the shop. Obviously, those two pieces of info became irrelevant the moment the technicians discovered the little bandit.

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It's hard to tell exactly where the little bugger was hiding, but it appears that it found a comfortable spot above the spare tire mounted under the vehicle. Whoever was shooting the video wisely kept their distance while a coworker did the dirty work of trying to get the animal out from its hiding spot.

After what I imagine was more than a little resistance from the raccoon who was likely scared out of his mind, the technician managed to pull it out from the undercarriage of the SUV by one of its legs before letting go and letting it find its way out through the garage's overhead door.

The part of the video I find to be the most entertaining is how there are initially three employees attempting to get the animal out, then how two of them quickly dart away just as the one doing the majority of the work gets closer to freeing the stowaway. That's totally something I would do (the darting away part, not the actual freeing of the animal) and I'm perfectly comfortable admitting that.

Kudos to the technician who did manage to get the animal out. Even though you didn't look too thrilled to be messing with it yourself, you stepped up when no one else apparently was going to. And, you managed to let it go (I presume) unharmed. You're the hero we don't deserve.

[Source: ViralHog via Rumble]

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