I haven't been able to find affordable cream face paint in the color that I want, but I found  a fairly easy - and super inexpensive - tutorial on how to make your own face paint for Halloween.

For the La Catrina/Sugar Skull (Dia de los muertos) makeup that I have in my head I want to use shades of turquoise, purple, and fushcia rather than the typical red, yellow, and black that you usually see with most sugar skull makeup. The problem with that is that I am having a hard time finding the colors that I would like to use when I paint my face. Enter the interweb...

I have searched and searched, and I have found several different tutorials. Some use cold cream. Others use shortening. Yes, shortening like you would use for cake icing. Most of those recipes also use corn starch and food coloring. They seem to be legit recipes that are non toxic, but since some of my makeup will be going around my eyes, and that can be a sensitive area, I am a little leery.

This recipe though... it calls for nothing more than eyeshadow and petroleum jelly, both of which are ok for the eye area. Take a look: