The snow we got Monday may not have been the ideal snow to use for building a snowman.  However, it's perfect for making a snow volcano!  Have you ever seen one of these?

Our friends at the Owensboro-Daviess County Christmas Parade shared a snow volcano "recipe" earlier this week on Facebook.  They were getting excited about our snow storm and wanted to help get the kids excited too.  Check this out!

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After seeing the recipe, I wanted to see this science experiment in action.  So, I headed over to YouTube and typed in "How to Make a Snow Volcano."  As you can imagine, several videos popped up!

Now, this volcano worked like a charm!

As cool as that was, I was caught a little off guard by one of the ingredients.  That particular recipe calls for citric acid powder and I wouldn't have a clue where to even buy that.  Seriously!  Does anyone know?

Instead of trying to locate citric acid powder, I decided to just look around YouTube for an easier recipe.  It didn't take long to find one.  This video is AWESOME!

Now, what happens if you build a snow volcano and it won't erupt like it's supposed to?  Well, here you go.  Watch this video. It includes a couple of common mistakes and how to troubleshoot them if you're snow volcano fails to "erupt."

So, there you have it!  Several ways to build and enjoy a snow volcano.  And, with more snow on the way today here in the tristate, this just may be the perfect day to give it a try.


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