Everyone seems to be wondering what is going to happen to Halloween this year?  Will we get to enjoy the kiddos out around the neighborhoods trick-or-treating, or will that be a big no this year?  It was just announced that kids in Los Angeles will not be allowed to trick or treat this year, could that eventually impact Halloween across the country?

According to NBC Los Angeles, the Department of Public Health banned trick or treating, trunk or treats, parties with residents from outside of your household, haunted attractions, festivals and more.  They said you can host online parties or drive through attractions, and other drive through events. So this got me thinking, if this is happening in Los Angeles, there's a chance it could happen in other places around the U.S. as well, so what can we do instead?

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I love the parties, and all of the fun fall activities that come with the weather cooling and the leaves changing. So how can we still celebrate, while being safe if trick-or-treating is canceled?  I've come up with 10 ideas that will make Halloween 2020 still fun, even if we can't enjoy parties or taking the kiddos trick-or-treating.

2020 Halloween Bucket List

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