Okay, so I didn't mean to mislead you. If you were thinking that you thought this would be an article about how to get out of the friend-zone and hook up with the girl or guy next door who you never paid much attention to until now then you'll have to look elsewhere. This isn't the plot to a cheesy 80s movie.

Today is National Best Friends Day. I have a handful of BFFs I consider to be my besties. They all hold a place in my heart for different reasons. But my longest BFF, Katie, and I do something that might be considered unconventional - we have "date night."

Katie and I became friends in 5th grade and we were pretty much inseparable until college. We were even Drama nerds together. Now, she lives in Owensboro and I live in Evansville. Even though it's not that far away, when you have kids, it's basically the other side of the world. But we NEED time to get away from the families and spend time just having a girls night. So about a year ago, we started planning a monthly BFF "date night."

There are a few rules - nothing too tough.

  1. One person plans the night. It has to be creative and something totally different. Can be at home or a night on the town!
  2. Must include food. Delicious food.
  3. The planning party keeps it a secret from the other party. Surprises are fun!
  4. You have to take a photo and post it - no matter how terrible it is!

I look forward to our date nights SO MUCH - mostly because she's always been able to make me laugh harder than anyone else and I can just be myself... Plus, she does all the crap with me that I want to do but my husband has no desire to spend the night doing with me...

Ready to get started having BFF Date Nights? Here are some fun ideas:

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