Front Porch Fest 2019 is happening in Haynie's Corner on August 31, and they are seeking interested front porch hosts. This year, people can take a stroll through the Historic Neighborhood around Haynie's Corner while listening bands playing from the various porches.

But in order to make that happen, they need homeowners to provide porches for the bands to play from. If you have a particular band that you would like to host, that's NO PROBLEM!  Musicians are expected to be paid but as of yet, funding has not been confirmed. So if you want to book a band that has a mandatory minimum fee, please be prepared to cover that cost yourself.

If there are funding constraints they will prioritize geographically. In the event that Front Porch Fest can't fund a musician at your home, you are welcome to do so independently! They are happy to help you find a musician and have many that are interested!

The deadline for musician information if you are booking your own is June 1, 2019. They will collect information and create a map and confirm all hosting sites by June 15, 2019. For more info on how to become a Porch Host, visit the Front Porch Fest Facebook page or email Samantha Buente at


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